Контейнеры стерильные для образцов воды, 500 или 1000 мл

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Контейнеры стерильные, 500 мл, без тиосульфата, 44 шт
€ 152,12 / 44 шт.
Контейнеры стерильные, 1000 мл, без тиосульфата, 48 шт
€ 215,06 / 48 шт.


Sterile jars for water sampling

Transparent squared jars made of PET.
Wide mouth and grips at two sides, easing the sample collection.
Red cap made of polypropylene with internal liner made of polexan with a label that performs as tamper evident.
Sterilised by radiation. Each bottle is labelled specifying description, code, lot, and expiry date.
Internal mouth diameter mm: 55
Jar weight (gr):
500 ml jar: 44 g – 1,000 ml jar: 65 g.
Available with or without thiosulfate sodium.
With liquid sodium thiosulfate (24 mg/l): Ideal to analyze water meant for human consumption, swimming pools, and any other water where chlorine may modify the composition of the sample while being transported.
Empty, without thiosulfate: Ideal to sample water for physico-chemical analysis, as well as for other sampling requiring sterile bottles.
Minimum ordering quantity: 1 pallet.
We can supply any other concentration according to each country’s standards.
We can also dose thiosulfate in other jars from our catalogue.
Optionally presented in individual bags if requested.


Описание без тиосульфата
Стерильные да
Объем 500 или 1000 мл


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